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Living with Huntington's Disease

As Huntington's Disease progresses the challenges for the individual affected and their carers can become complex and varied. No two people with HD will necessarily present with the same symptoms and not everyone has all the symptoms. In this section we aim to provide information that may be helpful when dealing with the complexities of HD.

Hurry Up and WaitTo those it touches and their carers, Huntington's Disease presents an ongoing series of challenges to accommodate its changes in thinking. Hurry up and Wait! is:

  • a set of exercises to simulate the cognitive difficulties faced by those with HD
  • a collection of tips to accommodate them in your home or care home
  • a strategy to develop new approaches to solving care problems and
  • commentary on common problems faced by family carers and those they love.

Hurry Up and Wait! is available from the Huntington's WA library.